Best Facial Cleansers

Top 10 Best Facial Cleansers

Taking good care of our skin is very important. Looking good is feeling good, that is what they say. Did you know that every day, we expose our skin to free radicals like dirt, pollution and ultra violet rays from the sun. It cannot be avoided that we expose our skin to these elements. When this happens, our skin gets damaged. That is the reason why some people have age spots, blemishes and even acne. At night our skin pores produce oil which can block the pores which may result to black heads and other skin issues.

This is why everyone should use facial cleansers in order to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. With so many skin care products available on the market, you will have plenty of options. Some people have very sensitive skin which can be easily irritated. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to check products that are suitable for you.

There are many different types of facial cleansers today. So before your skin get damaged, be sure to use facial cleansers in the morning and every night. Here is a list of facial cleansers that can help you maintain a healthy and young looking skin.

Olay Professional Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser

Olay Professional Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser is one of the best exfoliating cleansers available today. This product has gained popularity among women because it purifies and renews the texture of the skin. It does not have a scent and only a small amount is needed every time that you use it so you can assure that it will last for a long period. If you are looking for an exfoliating cleanser that does not irritate sensitive skin, this product from Olay is highly recommended. Your skin will look good and feel good after using it.

Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel

Are you looking for an affordable cleanser that can help you keep your skin look good and feel good at the same time? Here is the Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel, it is made up of combination of herbs, natural cleansers and aloe vera to protect your skin from pollutants. When using this product, your skin will totally feel clean and smooth. If you have an oily skin type, this product will work for you. It cleanses the skin without leaving it dry and greasy. A great product for a very reasonable price.

Proactiv Solution Original Renewing Cleanser

One of the most popular brands when it comes to skin care is Proactiv. Lots of people find their products very effective and they are very satisfied with the results. If you are searching for a cleanser that is worth the price, why not consider Proactiv Solution Original Renewing Cleanser. Proactiv products are known to be very effective. If you are having problem dealing breakouts or suffering from acne, try to use this product and you will see immediate results. You will understand why Proactiv products are popular after you use this one.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

If you have a sensitive skin and you are afraid of using different skin cleansers, you might like using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Products from Cetaphil have been proven for their excellence. It cleanses your skin in a very gentle way. Having a very sensitive skin is difficult but not anymore, this product from Cetaphil is non-alkaline and non-comedogenic which softens the skin as it cleanses. It can be used not only for the face but also for the entire body. It can also be used as an excellent cleanser for babies who have delicate skin.

 Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser

There are many popular skin care products out on the market today. Most are very expensive and if you are in a low budget that would not mean you will not be able to maintain taking good care of your skin. There are still facial cleansers out there that are affordable and effective at the same time. Jan Marini Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser is one of them. It is gentle on the skin and suitable for different skin types. It contains a natural humectant which keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. A product that is affordable and effective for all skin types.

Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash

Here is a foaming cleanser from Alpha Hydrox that thoroughly cleans dirt and make-ups on your skin. It cleanses and at the same time maintains the moisture level of the skin. After using this product, you will feel that your skin is softer, smoother and fresher. Very easy to use for eye make-up removal and effective when purifying the skin from environmental pollutants. It is also soap-free, alcohol, free, and pH balanced. Keeping your skin smooth and healthy will never be a problem with this great product from Alpha Hydrox.

pHisoderm pH Anti-Blemish Gel Facial Wash

Here is an amazing product from pHisoderm that cleanses skin for a radiant and balanced complexion. If you are having breakouts and this product will surely help you deal with this problem. It will not only prevent breakouts but it will also clear out white heads on your face. This is also recommended for people who have oily skin. This product is mild on the skin so you do not have to worry if you have sensitive skin. For people who have sensitive skin, pHisoderm pH Anti-Blemish Gel Facial Wash will work for you without irritating or burning your skin.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Here is a cleansing gel from Dermalogica that is designed to eliminate impurities without ruining the natural balance of your skin. It contains calming balm mint and lavender extracts which is very soothing to the skin and gently removes toxins and other impurities. If you are having skin issues and tried many skin care products but still have no result, this product may be the solution. No need to worry if you have sensitive and dry skin because it will clean your skin in a very gentle way. Get this product for a very reasonable price.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

Looking for an affordable skin cleanser? Here is one from CeraVe. This hydrating cleanser from CeraVe will revitalize you skin. Some people have damaged their skin because of using skin care products that are too strong. By using CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, your damaged skin will be restored and your skin will be healthy again if you continuously use it. Unlike other facial cleansers, this one carefully removes excess oil, makeup and other impurities without disturbing the natural protective barrier of your skin. This is recommended if you want to repair damaged skin.

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

This list will not be complete without a product from Neutrogena. They have great products that are very effective when it comes to taking good care of the skin. Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser is effective in removing dirt, excess oil, makeup and other impurities. Removing eye makeup can be difficult if you have the wrong cleanser but with Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, you will be able to remove eye makeup without oils that can irritate your eyes. You can assure that it is gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types. A great product from Neutrogena at a great price.

If you are wondering where to buy facial cleansers online then you have found the right place. There are lots of the cheapest facial cleansers for sale online then you don’t need to look any further for the best reviews that compare facial cleansers for the best price.

Tips in Choosing the Right Facial Cleanser

There are a lot of women who continue to have skin problems even if they have a good skin care routine. If this is true, then it might be because of one of the facial skin care products that you use. Because it is the product that you will be using the most, you should determine if you are using the right facial cleanser for you. And then check out our article on the best facial moisturizers too.

Facial cleansers are perhaps the most important skin care products as it get rid of dirt which can lead to acne and blackheads. Using the right facial wash help people not only have clear but also healthier and glowing skin. Women can choose from a variety of facial cleansers such as creams, soaps bars or gels. However, there are different factors that should be considered before choosing which cleanser to use. A person’s skin type and condition vary from another which means a product that he or she is suited to may not be ideal for someone else. Here are the things that you should consider when choosing which facial wash to use.

What is Your Skin Type?

When it comes to facial cleansers, women often choose one which they have read or learned about in a magazine or advertisement without finding out more about it. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people end up buying the wrong product for them. In order to buy the best facial wash, you should first determine your skin type. Obviously, you have to get a cleanser that will work for your skin type and improve its condition instead of aggravating it.

There are five basic skin types – normal, oily, dry, sensitive and combination. People with normal skin are lucky as their facial skin has a proper balance of moisture and oil. They have more options when it comes to skin care products.

If your face looks shiny or greasy a few hours after washing it, you have oily skin. It has been proven that oily skin is more prone to acne, blackheads and other skin problems because of the enlarged pores making dirt penetrate it easily. This is true particularly if the skin lacks protection. It is best to buy oil-free facial products with water-based formula. It is important to make sure that it will be able to remove deep-seated dirt without being too harsh on the skin. Liquid cleansers and gentle bar soaps are best for people with oily skin. Aside from getting rid of oil and dirt, it also has a soothing effect.

Dry skin features tiny and narrow pored. It is important to remove the dirt from the pores but unlike for oily skin, there is no need for a deep cleansing effect. The most important thing for dry skin is to keep it hydrated. While this may seem simple, the truth is it can be challenging. It is best to use a facial wash that has low-alcohol content such as a mild soap. You may want to use products that contain vitamins A, C and E as it has the ability to nourish the skin. Make sure that you buy cleansers which will help the skin maintain its moisture. And if needed, something that can protect you from the sun.

It can be difficult to choose the right facial cleanser for people with sensitive skin. This skin type often feels tight or itchy. It is also prone to allergic reactions or flushing when products with certain chemicals are used. The best cleanser for sensitive skin is one that can effectively get rid of dirt from the pores while keeping it hydrated without having any allergic reactions. Mild, cream-based and odor-free cleansers are ideal for this skin type.

Combination skin is characterized by having two different skin types on the face – dry and oily. The cheeks are usually dry while the T-zone is oily. It might sound inconvenient to many but beauty experts recommend using two different cleansers to wash the dry and oily areas. Use a mild and moisturizing facial cleanser on the dry parts and a glycerin-based one on the T-zone area. This will help make sure that the skin’s oil and moisture are balanced.

Try Using Green Facial Products

Many women don’t take the time to read what ingredients were used on the facial cleanser that they are using. The chemicals used on facial skin care products are unfamiliar to many of us. Should you bother about it? The answer is yes. This is because many of these chemicals can irritate your skin and might even have negative effects on the health. Phthales is a chemical that is often used in making a facial cleanser have a great scent.

What many consumers don’t know is that there are studies suggesting it can have adverse health effects. Aside from having health risks, these chemicals can also be harmful to the environment. Most of the chemicals found in facial cleansers are drained back into the environment on a daily basis.

Because cleansers with fragrance can actually do more harm on the skin, you should consider using one that is odor-free. Aside from being less harmful to the environment, it will also be better for the skin particularly if your skin type is sensitive. There are a lot of organic or eco-friendly skin care products in the market. If you are interested in it, here are simple tips on how to go green with your skin care routine.

List the Products that Have and Have Not Worked for You

Because of the number of facial cleansers that women can choose from, it is difficult to keep track of the products that have and have not worked for you. This is true more so if you have tried using a lot of cleansers before. If you can still recall the brand names or perhaps the cleanser types that aggravated your skin’s condition, you may want to make a list of it so that you will not use it again. You can also include in the list the cleansers that were able to improve your skin. Take note of how long you used it to be able to compare it from other cleansers that you have tried using.

Ask for Advice from Beauty Experts

There are women who simply find it difficult to find the right facial cleanser for their skin type. Instead of experimenting with different skin care products, you should instead get advice from beauty experts. You can start by asking your friends what particular brand of facial wash they are using and if it works for them. It would be best to ask someone who has the same skin type as yours. You should find out more about each product by asking what they liked or disliked about it.

You can also talk to people who work in the skin care industry. This does not necessarily mean getting in touch with the brand’s chemist. Instead, talk to the salesperson and find out whether or not the product is ideal for your skin type. They may be able to recommend different facial cleansers that might work better for you. Because they are experts when it comes to skin care, you should also ask for advice from your dermatologist. He or she will definitely be able to help you find the best facial cleanser.

It would be a good idea to read reviews from beauty experts and consumers about the facial cleanser that you would like to use. You will probably read a few not so good comments about it but this is because every facial cleanser might not be suited for everyone. Women should also not choose a facial cleanser based on its price. Women usually buy high-end skin care products but there are drugstore facial cleansers that many beauty experts suggest because of its ability to get rid of dirt without drying or irritating the skin.

Best Facial Moisturizers for Every Skin Type

Top 10 Best Facial Moisturizers

It is a fact that lots of people want to look young as long as possible, even me. But as we get older, signs of aging appear and the first part of our body that can easily get noticed is the face. The face is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. It is always exposed to pollution and dirt that is why we need to take good care of it. Taking good care of our face is very important.

One way of looking young as long as possible is by using facial moisturizers. Moisturizers help our skin to stimulate more collagen and elastin which can help to look younger. Facial moisturizers can protect our skin against elements and external threats. It also keeps our skin hydrated which can prevent wrinkles from appearing. When using facial moisturizers, you will be able to have a smooth and beautiful creamy skin complexion. Aside from keeping your skin smooth and young looking, facial moisturizers also improve your overall health.

There are many different products out in the market today, so you will have many options to choose from. Here is a list of the best facial moisturizers in the market today.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

Want to regain that silky and smooth skin? Here is the Micro-Sculpting cream from Olay. This cream helps to moisturize and keep your skin smooth and soft. Feel and look beautiful after using this wonderful product from Olay. Even problems with lines appearing on your face will slowly disappear, your skin’s color will be more healthy and glowing. Applying it on the face will really make it smoother and you do not have to worry about the greasy and sticky feeling like other facial creams have. This is perfect for those who have dry skins and having problems with wrinkles and lines.

Proactiv Solution Green Tea Moisture

When it comes to skin care, Proactiv will always be on the list. This moisturizer from Proactiv absorbs instantly when applied. It is very effective for dry and tired skin. Made from powerful antioxidants for a wonderful moisturizing experience that is healthy at the same time refreshing. Its mineral rich formula was specifically made for acne-prone skin, so it would not leave a greasy feeling or clog pores. People with dry skin will find this product helpful and effective. This is another excellent product from Proactive that people would surely love. It is definitely worth the price.

Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream

This moisturizing face cream from Complex 15 is definitely recommended for people who have mild to severely dry skin. When applied, it is absorbed by the skin quickly and with no greasy feeling. This moisturizer contains elements that can restore and maintain natural moisture balance of the skin. People with allergies can also use this moisturizer because it is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. This is one of the best products that is recommended for sensitive skin. A moisturizing face cream that definitely works perfectly for people who are having skin problems and for a good price.

Neutrogena Men Age Fighter Face Moisturizer

Who says that only women are conscious about their skin? Even men should be taking good care of their skin. This facial moisturizer from Neutragena would make their wives fall in love again. This is perfect for men who are starting to have wrinkles and lines. It has elements that can reduce wrinkles and make them unnoticeable. It also protects and keeps skin hydrated for a younger look again. Men with sensitive skin can use this product without irritation. It can last for a day and leaves a soft, smooth and non-greasy feeling.

L’Oreal Paris Advanced RevitaLift Night Cream

Here is an anti-wrinkle and firming moisturizer from L’Oreal Paris. By using this moisturizer, skin feels refreshed, radiant and skin looks younger. It also keeps the skin hydrated for the 24 hours and soothes dryness. Apply it at night and wake up in the morning with smooth and refreshed skin. Quickly absorbed when applied and leaves no greasy feeling. Great night cream and an excellent moisturizer, perfect for anyone who wants a soft looking skin. It also has elements which fights the signs of aging. Another highly recommended product from L’Oreal Paris.

RoC Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF30

One of the visible problems of most people today is wrinkles. One of the common signs of aging, but it does not mean you cannot do something about it. Here is product from Roc which can reduce lines and deep wrinkles. RoC deep wrinkle daily moisturizer works great and affordable too. It is hypoallergenic, so people with sensitive skin are able to use it. When applying it to the skin, it will be absorbed quickly and leaves no greasy and sticky feeling. UVA/UVB sunscreen to protect the skin against sun damage which is very important.

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Daily Moisturizer

Here is another wonderful product from Olay. This 7 in 1 anti-aging from Olay contains essential vitamins and minerals for the skin to fight multiple signs of aging. A moisturizer which provides benefits of 7 anti-aging therapies in 1 formula. Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles leaving a radiant and glowing skin. It also enhances the tone of the skin and reduces appearance of age spots. Appearance of pores will be minimized when using this moisturizer. People with dry skin would love this product as it soothes the skin and hydrates it with Olay moisture. A product from Olay that is highly recommended.

DML Daily Facial Moisturizer, SPF 25

A very mild facial moisturizer from DML that can soothe and moisturize dry, irritated and sensitive skin. For people having sensitive skin, this facial moisturizer is extremely gentle and mild. It is non-greasy, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and water resistant too. Contains sunscreen which protects the skin from sun damage. One of the best facial moisturizer with SPF for skin that are very sensitive. It might not be as popular as the other brands but it is effective. It is a bit thick but you would not have a sticky feeling. DML daily facial moisturizer is definitely worth trying for.

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

A wonderful product from Dermalogica. This skin smoothing cream helps in keeping the skin smooth and also improves your skin texture. It has antioxidants that aids in reducing free radical activity in the skin. It also contains no artificial fragrance or color. One of its amazing effects to the skin is that it heals and minimizes the appearance of dehydration lines. Using this cream can shield the skin from different environmental assaults. It can be used by people with sensitive skin and use it in their daily skin care routine. A great product for a good price.

Alba Sea Moss Moisturizer SPF 15

This is a complete facial care moisturizer from Alba. It contains vitamins and minerals that provide the skin nutrient-rich moisture. It also has antioxidants and SPF 15 for daily protection against the sun and other environmental assaults. Collagen and elastin production will be stimulated so that the skin will become brighter and more vibrant. Alba Sea Moss is an excellent daily moisturizer that keeps your skin healthy and young looking at a very reasonable price. Not to mention it is from organic ingredients. This is another product that is worth a try.

If you are wondering where to buy facial moisturizers online then you have found the right place. There are lots of the cheapest facial moisturizers for sale online then you don’t need to look any further for the best reviews that compare facial moisturizers for the best price.

Nizoral Shampoo Review: Is It a Good Hair Loss Treatment?

How Effective is Nizoral Shampoo for Hair Loss?

Are you looking to use Nizoral shampoo for reducing your hair loss. It is believed to be the most effective hair loss treatment for most people. This article is going to talk about this product. If you want to stop your hair loss, you need to take a look at this information.

There are some sections that are available here. Each section is dedicated for all readers who want to stop hair loss immediately. You can jump to each section easily.

You can find a lot of great product for reducing your hair loss problem. You can start using Keotoconazole shampoo for treating this problem. There are several examples of this shampoo, such as Regenepure and Nizoral. Both products are very effective to solve your hair loss problem. Because of this reason, many people need Nizoral shampoo. If you want to stop your hair thinning problem, you need to start using this Nizoral shampoo in your daily life.

It is also recommended that you combine this treatment with other hair loss options. You can also use some clarifying shampoo products for growing your hair quickly.

What is the Nizoral Shampoo?

If you want to stop your hair loss, you can consider using this powerful shampoo. This shampoo can help you maintain your hair health effectively. This product is also marketed as a good antifungal shampoo for most users. Nizoral shampoo is recommended for people who have dandruff and some other hair problems. Therefore, many people want to use Nizoral hair loss treatment in their daily life.

Nizoral is a great shampoo that has androgen blocking ability. This ability is very useful to fight against any inflammatory conditions in your hair. Topical Spironolactone is one of the most important androgen blockers on the market today. This ingredient can be found in Nizoral shampoo hair loss product. This product can be used to inhibit the hair thinning process caused by hormone activity.

Most people usually suffer their hair loss problems with some other symptoms, for example itchy scalp, tingling, hand many other noticeable problems. Some of those symptoms can increase the possibility of getting hair loss issues. This situation can be treated well with a good hair lost treatment, such as Nizoral shampoo.

Who is Nizoral Shampoo Created for?

This product is specially created for most people. It is suitable for all of you who want to get healthy hair. Nizoral shampoo can be combined with some other regimens or ingredients, such as Topical Spironolactone, Revivagen, Propecia, Tricomin, Rogaine Foam, and many other products. If you want to achieve maximum benefits from this shampoo, you can combine it with many other ingredients.

Nizoral shampoo can be used to treat any hair loss problems immediately. It works by treating the basic factor of hair loss. This factor is called as inflammation. This is the main factor that can occur in most hair loss sufferers. When you are using Nizoral shampoo regularly, you can provide comfortable feeling on your scalp.

Because of this reason, this shampoo is commonly used to treat any hair loss problems immediately.

How does Nizoral Shampoo Usually Work

Before you start using this powerful Nizoral Shampoo hair loss treatment, you should learn about how Nizoral usually works. Nizoral is an effective antifungal shampoo for most people. It can help you cleanse your scalp effectively. When it is used properly, it can be used to remove any impurities from your hair completely.

This product also has good ability to block any androgen receptors. Therefore, Nizoral can work similarly as the Topical Spironolactone for women and men. Those procedures are very useful to help you stop your hair loss easily. You can reduce any inflammation on your scalp when this shampoo is used properly.

How does Nizoral Shampoo Usually Work

Before you start using this powerful Nizoral Shampoo hair loss treatment, you should learn about how Nizoral usually works. Nizoral is an effective antifungal shampoo for most people. It can help you cleanse your scalp effectively. When it is used properly, it can be used to remove any impurities from your hair completely.

This product also has good ability to block any androgen receptors. Therefore, Nizoral can work similarly as the Topical Spironolactone for women and men. Those procedures are very useful to help you stop your hair loss easily. You can reduce any inflammation on your scalp when this shampoo is used properly.

How Can You Use Nizoral Shampoo?

There is no complicated procedure for using this shampoo. It is believed to be one of the easiest ways to stop your hair loss. Nizoral can be used at least once in every 3 days. Make sure that you apply this shampoo on your scalp directly. If you want to get the maximum benefits from this shampoo, you need to leave it for a few minutes. It allows some active ingredients to enter your scalp naturally. This tip is very useful to help you stop your hair loss completely.

Don’t forget to rinse your hair after completing this treatment. You need to remove all excess shampoo from your hair. It is recommended that you use warm water to stimulate your hair growth. If you want to choose the best Nizoral shampoo, you need to take a look at its percentage. A good Nizoral shampoo should contain about 1% of pure solution. This type of shampoo is sufficient for treating your hair loss problem.

Benefits of Using Nizoral Shampoo

There are a lot of benefits that are offered by this Nizoral shampoo. Many people want to start using this shampoo because they are interested with these benefits.

a. Permanent result

When you are using this Nizoral shampoo, you can expect to get permanent result for stopping your hair loss problem. You will never have to worry about losing your hair in the future. If you are looking for the best hair regrowth product, you can consider using this powerful and effective hair loss product. If you want to treat your hair loss permanently, you can start using this shampoo. This is the main reason why this Nizoral shampoo becomes popular among many users today.

b. Quick hair loss treatment

If you are busy with your daily activities, Nizoral shampoo hair loss treatment can be a perfect option for you. You can treat your hair loss problem immediately. Using this shampoo is believed to be one of the most effective methods for reducing your hair loss issue. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort for treating your hair issue. Most people can stop hair loss and regrow their hair back in a few days. Because of this effective treatment, many doctors also recommend this shampoo for male and female.

c. Affordable method

This is another reason why you have to buy this effective shampoo. If you only have small budget for growing your hair back, you can purchase this item today. This hair care product is very affordable for most hair loss sufferers. Some online stores may also offer this product at very reasonable price. There are some coupons or discounts that are available on the Internet these days. Grab some of your favorite discounts for this product today.

Order Your Nizoral Shampoo Today

After reading this article, you should be able to find some benefits of Nizoral shampoo. It is one of the best hair loss treatments on the market today. If you want to stop your hair loss and grow your hair quickly, you can consider using this shampoo. There are some stores that offer this type of hair loss shampoo for most customers. You can also buy this product from some online stores that are available on the Internet.

There are a lot of good reviews and testimonials that come from other customers. Most people are happy with the results from this shampoo. You can rely on these customer reviews. These reviews show the ability and function of this powerful hair growth shampoo. It is considered as one of the most popular hair care products on the market these days. If you want to stop your hair loss, you can consider using this incredible hair loss treatment.

Can Hair Loss be Caused by Stress?

Can Stress Affect Your Hair?

Our lives can be pretty stressful. There is always something to worry about! From those last-minute assignments at work to that killer traffic jam on the way home, stress is everywhere. It’s no wonder anxiety is on the rise these days. Unfortunately, this isn’t just bad for our health. It can also affect our hair.

Are you living with stress? Then there are many ways it can impact the health of your hair. So it’s time to learn about the results of stress on our locks – and how to stop it from happening.

Slow Hair Growth

Are you trying to grow out your pixie cut? Add a few extra inches to your long hair? This can be far more difficult when you’re under a lot of stress. If you’re overworked or you’ve just gone through a massive break-up, those events can wreak havoc on the health of your hair. One of the ways you’ll notice this is happening is with slow hair growth.

The hairs on your head are constantly growing. After a certain period of time, they reach a resting stage. When you’re under excessive stress, the resting stage can be triggered well before it normally would. This causes slow hair growth. The solution? Eat a healthy diet, make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin A, D, E and K, as well as getting plenty of iron and zinc. These steps can help speed up hair growth and offset this stress related symptom.

Dry or Itchy Scalp

There is nothing as irritating as having a dry and itchy scalp. Flakes are never friends! The culprit may not be extreme weather or genetics. It could have something to do with the amount of stress you are having in your life. When stress levels are high, your scalp’s barrier function changes. Stress releases hormones that lead to a dry, flaky, and itchy scalp.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. Finding ways to add moisture back into your scalp will help offset all of that dryness. The key is to use the right products. Something like the Nioxin Scalp Recovery Kit will give your scalp the moisture it needs in keeping flakes at bay.

Temporary Hair Loss or Thinning Hair

Another way stress can affect your hair is through hair loss or thinning hair. When a stressful event happens – or you’re just experiencing high stress levels day after day – the health of your hair can take a major hit. One of the most common ways this shows up is through hair loss or thinning hair. Stress can cause medical issues like alopecia areata and telogen effluvium to occur. The first can cause hair to fall out in clumps, while the latter causes hair to weaken or thin slowly over time.

How can you combat these problems? To start with, make sure you’re getting enough vitamins. A healthy diet and lifestyle can positively impact the strength and overall health of your hair. Then, add in the right products. Hair care products like the Nioxin Scalp and Hair Care System 4 Kit For Noticeably Thinning, Fine, Chemically Treated Hair (or the system for natural hair!) can add fullness to your hair. Perfect for stressful times!

Dull or Lifeless Locks

Has your hair been looking a little blah lately? It may have to do with all of the pressure you’ve been under! Stress has often been linked to dull, lifeless locks. Yes, when stress is a part of your everyday life, it can cause your hair to look dull or even feel brittle. This is because we tend to forget about eating properly and working out when times get tough. That can directly impact the health of our hair.

The solution? Focus on adding more protein into your diet and of course, be smart about the products you’re using on your hair. You want something that will improve the overall texture – while adding in plenty of moisture. (We like the Nioxin Styling Rejuvenating Elixir to give your hair the extra oomph it needs.)

Graying or Single White Hairs

There has always been that old wives tale that stress causes grey hairs…but is it true? Well, sort of. Stress won’t necessarily turn your hair totally grey. However, medical issues like alopecia areata can target darker hairs, causing those to fall out first – and leaving your existing grays where they are. That can make it appear as if your hair has gone grey. Ways to get around this problem? A trip to the salon to get your hair professionally dyed, reduced stress levels, and a healthy diet.

It’s time to stop stressing and start taking better care of your hair. By using the right products and remembering to eat well, you can combat the symptoms of stressed out locks. And hey, remember to take a deep breath every now and again. Your hair will thank you for it!

Lifetime Skincare Plan

Our tips are sure to have you looking your best at every age

From pesky pimples at 20 to droopy eyelids at 60, it seems there’s no end to our complexion woes. Over the years, added stress can also make a difference in the way your skin behaves. Before you hand in the towel, check out our age-specific skin care guide. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to looking your best at every age!

Early Prevention In Your 20s

“It’s never too early to think about wrinkle prevention,” says Dr. Paul Allen, consultant dermatologist at Toronto’s Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre. Twenty-year-olds often have problems with acne, sun spots and premature wrinkles. The reason for most of these issues: the sun.

Keeping Dry Skin Away: The Importance of Moisturizers

  • Try non-oily products that contain green tea and a minimum of 30 SPF.
  • Skin care at this age is all about prevention.
  • Moisturizers nourish your skin and keep it smooth and healthy. Green tea may reduce your risk of cancer and added SPF helps protect you from this disease, as well as age spots and wrinkles.
  • Oil-free products are your best bet at warding off acne.
  • For best results, apply to damp skin.

Your New Best Friends: Anti-Aging Creams

If you really want to start with anti-aging creams, look for products with:

  • Alpha ydroxys
  • Beta hydroxys
  • Retina or Retinol
  • Vitamin C

“A 20-year-old doesn’t really have much happening,” says Dr. G. Daniel Scones, Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatology on Bloor in Toronto. Even so, some may be concerned about wrinkles in the future.

Peels and Exfoliants

Glycolic peels are exfoliating. When used on a regular, monthly basis, they can help to clear up acne and revitalize skin. Microdermabrasion, a more intense exfoliant, is an excellent way to remove dead cells and keep skin looking fresh.

Cosmetic Procedures

Although not common in this age group, BOTOX® can be used as a preventative measure, says Schacter. By putting a stop to movements that cause wrinkles, they can be prevented in the future.

Another Route: Surgery

Most common surgeries for people in their 20’s include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Lip fillers
  • Rhinoplasty

Generally these are more for aesthetic, not anti-aging, purposes.

Thirty, Flirty & Thriving

“Generally the 30s is when you start to see things forming,” says Dr. Ian Landells, Director of The Landells Clinic of Cosmetic Dermatology in St. John’s, Newfoundland.”You get a little bit of pigmentation, you get fine lines…you start to develop dark circles under your lower lids.” This is the best time to start thinking about wrinkle prevention.

Moisturizers In Your 30’s

  • Try thicker creams that contain vitamin E to reduce sun damage and sunscreen to protect you from UV rays.
  • You’re not as prone to acne, and your skin is starting to become dry.
  • Thicker creams are more beneficial for locking in moisture.
  • Eye creams, if used daily for a month or more, can help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Cosmetic Procedures In Your 30’s

BOTOX®, microdermabrasion, and intense pulse light (IPL) are common for this age group.

  • BOTOX® is a preventative treatment, says Cohen. “It works very well on young women [by preventing] repeated muscle contractions that lead to wrinkles.”
  • IPL is great for reducing sun damage and eradicating wrinkles.
  • Since this therapy doesn’t work well for deep wrinkles, it’s good to catch them young.

Chemical Peels at 30

Most common treatments include:

  • TCA (Tricloraceitc acid) peels
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Light resurfacing with an Erbium laser and glycolic peels

Smokers and those with sun damaged skin will be more likely to resort to laser or light resurfacing and a stronger, TSA peel in order to eliminate associated wrinkles on the upper lip and around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Others may want to maintain smooth skin with glycolic peels.

Surgery At 30

Unless you’re having a face-lift for genetic reasons, there are few surgeries that benefit a 30-year-old’s skin.Tyical surgeries include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • lip fillers
  • Rhinoplasty

Saving Face At 40

In our 40s, we’re starting to age, says Landells. We notice pigmentation and other damage from sun exposure in our teens. “You’ll start to see fine lines creeping in,” he says, “and pigmentation and brown spots.” Depending on genetics, you may have a bit of laxity in your neck and your eyelids hang. As if that isn’t enough, rosacea, or red, blotchy skin, is also common.

Moisturizers in your 40’S

Try anti-aging creams that contain:

  • Glycolic acid
  • Retinol
  • Vitamins A and E
  • These ingredients have all been proven to help reduce signs of aging and increase the firmness of skin.

Cosmetic Procedures For Your 40’s

Veins are becoming more prominent on your legs and possibly your face. Typical treatments include:

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser vein removal
  • Thermage
  • V-beam laser.
  • Fillers

Sclerotherapy and laser vein removal can help get rid of these unsightly and often painful problems. Thermage is a successful and non-surgical way to tighten problem spots. Fillers can be used to reduce lines in the nasal labia folds and lips. IPL will reduce sun damage and help repair broken blood vessels and fine lines. V-beam laser can get rid of redness caused by rosacea.


TCA and glycolic peels rejuvenate the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help combat discolouration.

Surgey In Your 40’s

Blepharoplasty is a great way to tighten drooping eyelids and puffy bags under the eye. A feather lift is perfect for those with only minor sagging in their face. It’s cheap, non-invasive and effective.

Fabulous 50s

  • In your 50s, your dermis, the layer that supports your skin, begins to decrease.
  • As a result, “you’re more likely to see jowls and bags under your eyes,” says Cohen.
  • Broken blood vessels and blotchy red skin are also common.

Moisturizering Products

Anti-aging creams with high concentrations of glycolic acid (about 15%) can stimulate retinol, helping to rid your face of dark circles.

Cosmetic Procedures

  • BOTOX®
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Fillers, thermage and IPL
  • Feather lift

In addition to reducing facial wrinkles, BOTOX® can also improve posture, tighten a saggy neck, soften cleavage wrinkles and possibly lift your breasts.Filler along the lip border can help prevent lipstick bleeds, while making lips look fuller.

Thermage tightens collagen without the use of sugary, while IPL can help eliminate wrinkles and skin discolouration.

Peels For Your 50’s

TCA or Erbium peels and Laser resurfacing-these stronger peels are good for reviving aged skin, while laser or Co2 resurfacing around the eyes can be an effective treatment for more serious sun damage.

Surgery At 50

  • Brow lift
  • Face lift and blepharoplasty; a mere feather lift probably won’t be enough to make a big difference.
  • These more involved surgeries are sure to shave off years, and wrinkles, from aging faces.

Skin Solutions In Your 60s

Sixty-year-olds have more blotchiness, wrinkles and aging spots.“You’ve got lower estrogen levels and less hydration,” says Cohen. “There’s less collagen being synthesized.”

Moisturizers In Your 60’s

The same anti-aging creams used in your 50s. Also opt for moisturizers that boast soy on their labels.

“As you get older and estrogen decreases, your lax of skin starts to decrease,” says Cohen. “Soy helps retain moisture and hydration and firmness.”

Cosmetic procedures at 60

  • Liquid nitrogen
  • IPL
  • Laser therapy
  • PDT (Photodynamic therapy)
  • Feather lift
  • BOTOX® and fillers.

Liquid nitrogen can easily remove age spots. Laser therapy can treat smaller areas of discolouration, while IPL is successful at treating larger areas of skin damage.PDT in combination with a laser light can photorejuvenate the skin to get rid of certain cancers.

Peels In Your 60’s

TCA or erbium peels. Lighter glycolic peels won’t make a difference now that your skin is starting to sag and you’ve developed more age spots. TCA peels are a great alternative to laser therapies for those with lots of sunspots.

Surgery at 60

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser vein therapy
  • Face lift
  • Blepharoplasty.

Veins have become more obvious everywhere from our feet to our face.Our eyelids are drooping more now than ever and wrinkles are more pronounced.

Healthy Skin: 60 And Up

At this age, we’re less likely to crave a boob job than we are a good night’s sleep.

We have drier, more blotchy skin and “there’s more falling with gravity and more wrinkles,” says Schacter.

The good news is, in comparison to the younger crowd, we get the best results from surgery.

Moisturizers 60+

Hydrating creams that contain

  • Soy
  • Green tea,
  • Retinol
  • Glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids.

Our skin is even drier now. Applying a lot of moisturizer can reduce flakiness and dryness, helping our skin to look smooth. Glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids stimulate collagen, tightening droopy skin.

Cosmetic Procedures: 60 And Up

  • IPL
  • Microdermabrasion
  • BOTOX®
  • Photorejuvenation
  • Feather lift and thermage.

All of these procedures improve skin’s quality. Photorejuvenation can eliminate sun damage, shrink pores and add collagen to keep skin tighter.

Peels: 60+

  • Glycolic
  • TCP peels
  • Laser resurfacing

Glycolic and TCA peels can improve the texture of your skin, helping it to look more radiant. However, it won’t make an improvement on deep lines. Laser resurfacing, which works best alongside a BOTOX® regimen, can help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth.


  • Sclerotherapy
  • Laser vein therapy
  • Face lift
  • Blepharoplasty

Sixty-year-olds tend to care more about the parts of their body that people see every day, says Schacter – and that’s their face.

Additional Ways For Helping Your Skin


Sun exposure can cause:

  • cancer
  • wrinkles
  • discolouration and droopiness

“The more you protect your skin from the sun,” adds Schacter, “the less you age and the better your skin will be forever.”Choose products with a minimum of 30 SPF. Apply at least a half-hour before sun exposure and reapply every two to four hours after.


Unless you suffer from overly dry skin, oil-free cleansers are best at maintaining a healthy complexion.Wash at least once a day and apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp.

Oral Therapies

Dr. Cohen claims there is new evidence that proves taking vitamins can reduce your risk of skin cancer. Pop a good multivitamin or Vitamin A, C and E supplements for best results.


Microdermabrasion – a deep form of exfoliation. It is more invasive than a glycolic peel, but less effective at treating acne, sun damage and deep wrinkles.

Glycolic peel – a mild, or “lunchtime” peel, glycolic acid is applied to the skin to help fight wrinkles, sunspots and other signs of aging.

TCA peel – a Trichloroacetic acid peel is a more intense peel than the glycolic variety. Often used on the neck, hands, forearms and chest, it fights wrinkles, blemishes and pigmentation.

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a type of photorejuvenation therapy. Light energy is gently pulsed through your skin to remove lesions, age spots and sun damage, restore pigment and treat veins and rosacea.

Feather lift – a minimally invasive face-lift, tiny hooks are inserted under the skin and thread is used to lift up dropping areas.

Thermage – this non-surgical procedure is an advanced method of skin tightening using a radio frequency device called ThermaCool TC.

V-beam laser – a great way to reduce facial blood vessels, this laser offers little to no post treatment bruising.

Laser resurfacing or erbium laser – Also known as a “laser peel,” this treatment uses a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser to minimize fine lines and remove damaged and wrinkled skin.

TIP: Did you know it takes 15 to 20 years to notice sun damage? When wrinkles and pigmentation problems occur in your 40s, they’re likely a result of a few too many hours in the sun when you were 20.

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Best Anti Aging Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

What Are the Best Anti Aging Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin?

Excessive sun exposure, whether it’s from sunbathing at the beach or working up a tan in a tanning booth, can cause significant damage to the skin and will accelerate the aging process. Wearing sunscreen and avoiding direct exposure to sunlight are some of the best ways to keep skin healthy and ward off the signs of aging, but age spots, freckles and pigmentation may be unavoidable.

Fortunately, there are some options for improving the texture and tone of the skin after sun damage. Several cosmetic procedures can help to create a brighter, healthier and more youthful complexion, and some offer instant results.

Here are some of the best anti aging treatments for sun damaged skin:

Laser Skin Resurfacing for Sun Damaged Skin

Laser skin resurfacing procedures are among the most powerful skin rejuvenation procedures for sun damaged skin. This popular anti-aging procedure can diminish age spots, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and strengthen the skin.

Laser resurfacing treatments help to not only buff away the top layer of damaged skin, but will also trigger collagen production deep in the dermis. These procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, and offer progressive results.

Photorejuvenation Facials for Sun Damaged Skin

Photorejuvenation technology involves emitting intense pulsed light deep into the dermis to trigger collagen production and strengthen the skin. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that can treat certain areas, while leaving the surrounding facial tissues intact.

Photorejuvenation facials are particularly effective for treating hyperpigmentation, shrinking enlarged pores, reducing redness in the face, and reversing the signs of sun damage. In addition to treating the face, photorejuvenation can treat the neck, hands and chest.

Chemical Peels for Sun Damaged Skin

Chemical peels are administered to the top layer of the skin and are ultimately a powerful exfoliating treatment. Strong peels must be administered by a professional, and will work to kill off all the dead skin cells on the top layer of skin, revealing the healthier, brighter skin underneath.

Certain types of chemical peels can be performed in conjunction with microdermabrasion to buff and tone the skin.

This process also triggers collagen production, making the skin appear stronger, more youthful and more toned.

Botox Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

Men and women who are noticing excessive wrinkles and fine lines appearing on their face and forehead can turn to Botox to get rid of wrinkles temporarily. Botox is among the leading dermal fillers for reducing deep facial wrinkles, and offers instant results. Most people will need touch up treatments to maintain results.

Downtime is minimal, and Botox presents less redness and bruising than other types of dermal fillers.

From laser skin resurfacing to photorejuvenation, men and women with sun-damaged skin have several anti-aging treatment options to restore a youthful look.

Learn more about the latest skin rejuvenation procedures in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic dermatologist in your area to find out if you may be a good candidate for any of these procedures that can reverse sun damage.

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The Best Conditioner for Dry Hair

Which Conditioner is Best for My Dry Hair?

The best conditioner for dry hair will leave it soft and lustrous but not greasy or limp. You need a conditioner that will hydrate your hair. The following products will return the shine to your tresses and won’t break the bank.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask is a weekly hair treatment that users across the Internet rave about. This concentrated mask is intended to be an intensive moisture treatment for dry, processed, colored or damaged hair.

To use it, you apply a small amount to your wet hair after shampooing. Concentrate the application on the ends. Let it sit for three to five minutes then rinse and style your hair as usual.

This hair mask is made with olive oil, meadowfoam seed and sweet almond. The olive oil works on the center of your hair. The meadowfoam targets the middle. And the sweet almond coats the surface, locking the moisture in. This is where the name “triple moisture” comes from.

The Triple Moisture system also includes shampoo, a daily conditioner, shine serum and leave-in cream. The Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner is another user favorite.

It uses the same three ingredients to combat dry hair. The Neutrogena web site lists the price of these two products as $6.99 for the mask and $5.99 for the daily conditioner.

Another well-reviewed daily conditioner is Herbal Essences’ Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner.

Made with orchid and Hawaiian coconut milk, this conditioner promises to replenish your hair’s moisture and provide smooth and silky hair. It’s a deep conditioner for dry hair that will enhance shine.

It retails at for $3.99 for 12 ounces, or $7.49 for 23 ounces. Of the ten user reviews on, 100% of them would recommend the product to a friend.

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Fortifying Deep Conditioner is another mask for weekly use. It contains fruit micro-oils to nourish and soften hair, leaving it shiny and manageable. It promises to tame frizz, as well. Apply the conditioner to wet shampooed hair, working from root to tip.

Leave it on for three minutes and then rinse thoroughly. The Garnier web site conducted brushing tests that say this conditioner makes your hair five times smoother and stronger compared to others.

The Sleek & Shine system also includes a shampoo, a daily cream conditioner, a leave-in conditioning cream, an anti-frizz serum and styling products. The deep conditioner is available for $7.79 at

L’Oreal Vive Pro Smooth Gloss Anti-Frizz Conditioner touts itself as being for “dry or rebellious Hair.” It uses camelina seed oil to fight frizz. It conditions hair, replenishing its moisture and increasing manageability. It is intended for daily use. Massage it through wet hair after shampooing and then rinse.

You can also pair with the Smooth Gloss Anti-Frizz Shampoo. It retails for $4.99 at

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle isn’t just a deep conditioner – their web site calls it “deeeeep conditioner.” It has botanical extracts and oils that work to replenish the moisture in your hair, especially if it’s coarse, thick or curly.

It also comes with packaging that’s easy to use in the shower. Ridges on the side make it easy to grip and there’s no cap to screw off or open. You just grab it and squeeze. A self-sealing membrane keeps the conditioner in the bottle.

It retails at for $4.49.

7 Essential Foods to Prevent Premature Aging

Eat Your Way to Healthier Looking Skin

While skin rejuvenation treatments and cosmetic procedures can give your skin a boost, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of the anti-aging battle.

Skincare experts, nutritionists and dermatologists alike encourage healthy eating and drinking water to keep your body and skin in great shape. Since the skin responds to even minor stressors such as a lack of sleep and toxins from the environment, it’s up to you to keep your diet in check and load up on essential anti-aging foods.

‘Superfoods’ such as goji berries and antioxidant-rich foods such as papaya are some exotic additions to your daily plate, but there are at least seven foods that can stop wrinkles, improve your skintone and give you a brighter complexion:

1. Olive oil. If you’re already doing the Mediterranean Diet (or a variation of it), you’re probably getting plenty of this healthy fat in your diet. Ann Yelmokas McDermott, Phd, a nutritionist at Tufts University in Boston explains that, “Essential fatty acids are responsible for healthy cell membranes, which is not only what act as barriers to harmful things but also as the passageway for nutrients to cross in and out and for waste products to get in and out of the cells” (Source: Add this oil to salads or use it for light stir fries and grilling whenever possible.

2. Spinach and broccoli. Chock full of Vitamins A and C, these green leafy vegetables help improve skin elasticity which can prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming the in the first place. Both spinach and broccoli have antioxidant properties which can also reduce skin tissue damage and promote healthy cell renewal.

3. Whole grain bread. Take your wheat bread-eating habits to the next level by reaching for natural whole grains instead. Organic and all-natural varieties of bread made with spelt, oats, and barley are full of fiber and Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) which helps keep skin supple and strong.

4. Avocado. Another source of healthy monounsaturated fats, avocados are high in Vitamin E – an essential vitamin for healthy skin, hair and nails. Avocados are also a very versatile vegetable; make homemade guacamole, use sliced avocado in a sandwich, or just top off a salad with a few chunks of avocado for variety.

5. Brazil nuts. A rich source of potassium and zinc, brazil nuts are a healthy source of fat that can keep your appetite in check and also keep skin soft and smooth. Snack on a handful of brazil nuts a few times per week to improve your skin and keep up with your healthy diet.

6. Red peppers. Red and orange foods typically contain high levels of antioxidants, and red pepper sin particular have extra skin-boosting benefits. Dr. Ronald Watson at the University of Arizona suggests that red peppers can also ward off sun damage by reducing the impact of ultraviolet light.

7. Dark chocolate. Dark, natural chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which means the body can quickly get rid of toxic substances that often cause many of the symptoms associated with premature aging. Whether you choose truffles or dark chocolate nuggets, you may finally be able to enjoy your chocolate fix guilt-free. In fact, some of the best facial moisturizers have chocolate in them.

Eating a well-balanced diet can help you maintain a healthy weight and reap the rewards of healthy, younger-looking skin. Adding brazil nuts, avocado and even dark chocolate to your weekly menu can help you ward off the signs of aging for life.

Dry Scalp vs. Dandruff: What’s the Difference?

Dry Scalp vs. Dandruff – What Are the Differences of the Two?

Noticing some flakes on your scalp and ready to reach for the nearest dandruff shampoo?  Not so fast. It could be a case of dry scalp.

Dry scalp and dandruff are often interchangeable terms, but the truth is they’re not the same condition. Plus, there are different causes that lead to different treatments, meaning that dandruff shampoo isn’t a one-size-fits-all product for scalp conditions.


What it looks like: Fine white flakes on the scalp, similar to dry skin. They typically do not have much oily residue. Scalp may be itchy or feel tight. If you have several dry patches on your body, dry scalp is likely the culprit. Similar flakes accompanied by redness might be a sign of a reaction to a product.

Common causes: “There are many reasons for dry scalp, such as change in season to minerals from your water that build up on the scalp,” says stylist Mindy Wagner. Other potential culprits: dehydration, genetics, and improper shampooing.

How to treat it: First, moisturize! Cheap shampoos and conditioners are often to blame for unnecessarily stripping oils from the scalp, causing it to dry out and flake. Switching to harsher hairloss treatments like Nizoral can also sometimes cause scalp dryness.

“My recommendation for someone with dry scalp is to use something gentle and designed to solve the problem of dry scalp like investing in one of the best conditioners we have listed,” Wagner says.

Individuals often stick to conditioner on just the bottom half of hair, but the roots and scalp need TLC, as well. “Make sure you massage your conditioner into your scalp if you are having issues.  Think of the conditioner as lotion for your scalp,” says Wagner. “Treatments can also be a defense against dry scalp.  We condition our hair on a daily basis but treatments, once a week, can solve problems that normal conditioners cannot, dry scalp being one of them.”

Not washing hair enough–thus leading to product and oil build-up–and washing hair too much–thus depleting natural oil and moisture–can also both increase the chance of dry scalp. Find a good balance, whether it’s every other day or every few days.

In addition, be sure to thoroughly rinse. “We tend to be in a hurry and rush through our shower, but rinsing is crucial.”

If the problem persists, or you’re experiencing redness and can’t pinpoint the cause after switching products, then it’s time to see a dermatologist.


What it looks like: Large flakes that are often waxy or oily. They can be white, gray, or yellow in color and appear in clusters. Dandruff causes severe itching, and sometimes it is accompanied by bleeding or discharge.

Common causes: Bacterial or fungal infections can be one of the top culprits. Others include, stress, poor diet and alcohol, hormones, and genetics.

How to treat it: First and foremost, if you think you have dandruff, head to the dermatologist’s office. It’s important to identify the cause and, if it’s an infection, get a medicated shampoo. If a prescription isn’t required, then look for the over-the-counter dandruff formulas, like the different Nioxin systems.

Also important? Don’t scratch! The more you scratch, the more irritated your scalp can become, potentially leading to or spreading infection. It’s also important to limit hair products to avoid any further irritation.

Overall, scalp health is a crucial factor to hair health. Dry scalp and dandruff both, if not properly treated, can increase in severity and even lead to thinning locks. Show your scalp some TLC. Check out this post on restoring and maintaining scalp health to learn how.

Malibu C Reviews – Is Your Scalp Better Off?

Malibu C® Hard Water Wellness® Collection Review

If you’ve ever been plagued by an itchy, dry, flaky, irritated or even painful dry scalp, you know just how awful scalp issues can truly be. And sometimes the fault lies not in your genes or hair care routine, but rather the water in your home. That’s right, hard water can cause a lot of problems with hair and skin. The extra heavy metals and other particles can cause a range of issues for hair.

Luckily, Malibu C has you covered. Their Healthy Scalp Wellness Kit is just what you need to restore scalp health specifically for those of you that need to deal daily with hard water. Their hard water wellness collection is made to strip away all of the extra and harmful materials that damage hair. And then help alleviate, and even cure scalp problems like itching and dryness.

And best of all, this shampoo and conditioner set is vegan, like in that you could eat it if needed! And that means it’s safe for the environment. So if you are an environmental conscious observer with hard water problems, this may be the hair care product you’ve always been looking for.

You can grab it here!

Malibu C Hard Water Kit

Malibu C Healthy Scalp Wellness Kit is a 100% vegan system that banishes flaking, itching and irritation while refreshing your scalp with essential oils of spearmint and eucalyptus. This kit helps treat scalp issues that span from dandruff and itchiness to alopecia, eczema and psoriasis.

Why you need Malibu C:

  • calms redness and inflammation
  • improves the appearance of symptoms associated with severe scalp conditions
  • naturally removes and prevents the buildup of waterborne elements that can compound scalp issues
  • normalizes the natural exfoliation rate of scalp layers
  • is gentle enough for daily use

Other tips for restoring scalp health:

In addition to adding Healthy Scalp Wellness Kit to your daily routine, these tips can help minimize irritation and restore scalp health.

1. Treat yourself to a massage.

If you’ve ever had a scalp massage, you know there’s really nothing like it. And it’s not just a feel-good activity – it’s great for your scalp’s health! In addition to giving a sense of peacefulness and calm, a scalp massage can also increase blood flow, which is said to stimulate hair follicles in the scalp.

At your next salon visit, ask your stylist to spend some extra time on your scalp at the start of the appointment (on dry hair) or at the shampoo station. Then recreate the experience at home. While shampooing, rub the pads of your fingers in circular motions on your scalp, or invest in a scalp brush.

2. Balance your diet.

Your diet affects your body, your skin, your hair – and, yes, even your scalp. Bad nutrition and crash diets have been shown to have a negative impact on scalp and hair health, and can even cause hair loss. Consume a balanced diet that includes zinc, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, biotin, protein and iron to help promote lustrous locks and a healthy scalp.

3. Minimize your product routine.

Super-tight ponytails and too frequent heat styling can damage your locks, but using too many products can take a toll on your scalp. The more products you use (and the more frequently you use them) can contribute to the buildup of oils on your scalp, which can throw it off balance and cause other issues. Rethink your morning routine and try to minimize your products down to just the essentials.

4. Use a scalp treatment once a week.

Malibu C Scalp Therapy Natural Wellness Treatment is specially formulated to give you an intense burst of scalp wellness once a week. After using Scalp Wellness Shampoo, work the treatment through damp strands and leave in for 5-7 minutes. Shampoo again, then rinse thoroughly. Follow with a great conditioner.

Malibu C’s Scalp Therapy Natural Wellness Treatment is the ultimate flake fighter. It naturally soothes and satisfies the scalp while delivering vital nutrients to starved scalps to help relieve symptoms associated with common scalp conditions.